Best Websites for Teachers

Teachers really have a very hard job, if it’s taken seriously. They need to have a proper relationship with students, but also be there for them at any moment, and have a great knowledge about the subject. But, is there any way for teachers to improve their capabilities? Of course, there are various websites for teachers that aim to help them improve their knowledge and work on their relationships with students. There are tons of these websites on the internet, but here we will focus on some of the best websites for teachers, and also see how they can improve their work.

1. The Stacks

The Stacks is a great website for a teacher, but it’s more oriented to teaching the students, especially kids. On this website, kids can find various books available for reading, in various genres like sci-fi, funny, adventure, fantasy and much more. On top of that, there are many games, but they are more education-oriented, and this way of learning is one of the best. The website has a user-friendly interface and is colorful, which is great for students. There is also a community, where students can post books reviews and get recommendations. Overall, a great experience, which we strongly recommend.

2. Book Wizard

On Book Wizard, all of the books are divided into two main categories: Fiction and Nonfiction. As its name says, Book Wizard offers some of the best deals on books, with the possibility to create a to-read list. This can help teachers in many ways. Aside from the two main categories, there are sub-categories for narrowing down a subject you want to see, therefore we have animals, science, sports, art and many other sub-categories here. What can be a downside to this website is that these books are NOT free, but in our opinion, this isn’t a downside, as knowledge doesn’t have a price, right?

3. Daily Starters

Daily Starters is one of the most versatile websites on this list, offering a content for both students and teachers. However, Daily Starters are on hiatus for almost whole summer and will be back on the 7th of August, 2017. But before it makes its return, we should mention some of the features like Fun Facts and interesting art style. There are numerous questions and facts about math and history, for example, that can be well organized into a whiteboard and be printed for your students, if you are a teacher.

4. Wordsmyth

Wordsmyth is a website which is focused more on a vocabulary of the students. This is great for you if you are a teacher, and want your students to improve their vocabulary, writing and communication skills. This website can also be helpful in many ways, with its interesting part called “Anagram Solver” where you can write the words of the anagram and get a solution. Some of the other features include child and illustrated dictionaries as well as quiz makers. Wordsmyth can help students develop their vocabulary, but it’s also good for teachers because they can us this to test their students.

5. Education Northwest

Education Northwest is a great website for teachers and offers some of the most interesting and useful articles that help teachers in developing various skills. They are specialized in many areas of work like the English language, leadership and system improvement, literacy, mathematics and science, equity and much more. Also, they offer various services with professional development being some of them. Professional development is important for teachers and will help them establish as a quality and verified teachers.

6. National Science Teachers Association

If you are a teacher who wants to learn something new, National Science Teachers Association is a great place to start. Its goal is to promote excellence and innovation teaching and learning science for teachers and students. They offer various books and journals, which you can read and find more about some of the science subjects like geology or astronomy for example. On top of that, there are conferences and professional learning sessions, for advanced teachers and students.

7. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

As its name says, this website has some of the best basics for teaching the students and also give the teachers some inspiration for their classes. The main focus of this website is history, which you can learn about a lot, but there are interesting articles about almost any topic out there too. The information you can find here is 100% genuine and detailed, making this website great for teachers, students, and learning, even if you’re not student or teacher.

8. Scholastic News

If you like to stay updated on latest news, Scholastic News is a great website for that matter. It’s frequently updated and offers insight on some of the latest news around the globe, but also offers a classroom magazines which is great if you are a teacher and want your students to learn something new. To make this website even more useful, it’s better to subscribe and receive lesson plans and skill sheets as well as their free app.

9. Promethean Planet

Promethean Planet is useful for teachers because it offers lessons and some software which can be of use for presenting some of the topics to the students. This allows teachers to present their classes easier, and there are even some cool graphics which can help your students in better understanding the lessons. Aside from that, Promethean Planet offers some articles in order to help teachers improve their skills, and be better at what they do. If you don’t know how to use some of their software, there is even a support, open for asking questions 24/7.

10. Glogster

Glogster is a fantastic tool for creating multimedia posters, useful for presenting lessons to the students, but also for student projects. Users can choose various templates, with lots of content, and insert pictures, videos, text and other multimedia stuff that Glogster offers. What we also like about this website is that it offers a Glogster app for iPhone, which works great and helps to connect teachers and students around the world.