Best Websites to Advertise on

The traditional means of advertising -print, radio, TV, etc- are all declining in popularity, influence and allure. Enter online advertising, which for the past few years has been enjoying an unprecedented boom that shows no sign of slowing for the foreseeable future. As a result of that, these days, most businesses prefer to tell the world about themselves and what they do by shelling out ad money on the digital ad platform.

But since there are so many top advertising platforms and their popularity among different segments of the populace varies, choosing which to grow your business with can be a really hard choice to make. So, we thought to help out by compiling this very useful list that will point out the top 10 advertising websites you can’t do without for promoting your business to the world. Here they are…

1. Google AdWords

This is to put it mildly the granddaddy of Pay-Per-Click marketing! Google Adwords is of course owned by the search engine giant. This incidentally makes their advertising platform totally unbeatable in reach, flexibility, and efficiency. Users can as well tweak their ads to reach specific sections of the populace at a time, way and manner that’s superbly optimal.

While Google Adwords might a little difficult for newbies to properly utilize, it’s quite simply the top online advertising platform out there and will speedily take your business places if you know what you are doing.

2. Bing Ads

Microsoft not to be outdone by Google has their own version known as Bing Ads. Just like Google Adwords, Bing Ads utilizes the Bing search engine which is baked onto quite a few Microsoft products to get your ads to the desired audience. It’s also much cheaper to advertise on than it’s main rival up there, but does have a slightly smaller potential reach. As well, it’s arguably easier for newbies to use than Google Adwords and if you are lucky you can even get free advertising credits to wow the world with! So, if you are short of cash and looking for the best free online advertising site out there this could be it.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising has essentially limitless potential. It’s very easy to use, possibly more effective than the the heavies up there and guarantees immense exposure for your brand.  As well, it works similar to most other Pay Pay Click ad sites, but lets you slap on text, image or video, so that even if people don’t click on your link they can see what you are all about. Additionally, the site is unmatched in the introduction of revolutionary features that enable the exact targeting of the specific group you are interested in. More, their video ad service is class-leading and something to keep a beady eye on. Overall, Facebook advertising sure looks like the way to go and provides a really creative way to advertise your business!

4. YAHOO! Local Listing

While the Yahoo search engine is not the impressive colossus it once was, it’s still quite respectable and ranks second only to Google and Bing. Overall, it’s an excellent way to advertise, especially if you are a small business. As well, a pretty basic listing on it is free and painless. If however you need more add-ons like a detailed company description, images and the like you’ll need to fork over some money monthly. More sweet stuff like getting listed on 40 other online directories don’t come cheap too, but does gives  the chances of your business being noticed a massive and rocket-like boost.

5. Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter has long been possible via promoted tweets and the like. The only downside is the immense cost that’s well beyond the reach of most small businesses. This might be changing though and this platform is well worth keeping a good eye on should you feel like letting the world know something you have that’s of interest to it.

6. LinkedIn Ads

If you are a committed professional and are looking to advertise to other fellow professionals, then LinkedIn is the way to go. Their advertising platform is totally painless to use, can be tweaked to near infinity if desired and reaches the greatest possible number of professionals out there. However, the cost of each click on your ad link is pretty steep. This will however be easily worth it if you are seriously looking to get noticed by the heavyweight movers and shakers in the professional world.

7. Yellow Pages

This is the new-fangled version of the fabled yellow pages of yore and a top digital advertising platform. Daily, millions of people search through it looking for everything except Cinderella’s lost slippers. As well, for a business it offers advertising services, lead generation, and even lets you judge just how effective your ads are.  With nearly 100 million users yearly, this platform is certainly not to be sneezed at and makes it easier for people to find your business.

8. Trip Advisor

This service is in 48 markets and counting globally and is aimed at businesses in the hospitality or entertainment industries. It deservedly boasts of being the NO 1 travel site on the globe and the number of visitors -390 million monthly on average- and the ad revenue it generates seems to bear this out. Advertising on this platform comes with a flat fee and is reputed to be as pleasurable as an extended stay at the Hilton.

9. Craiglist

Do you have goods and services to sell or just feel like making people more familiar with your business? Then you better take a fond look at Craiglist. It’s used by an estimated 10 million plus unique individuals daily to buy, sell, or simply have fun, offers totally hassle-free advertising services and very attractive ROI. As well, of recent it has been on an expansion spree, thereby boosting the potential ad audience. Overall, it sure does tick all the right spots, and what’s more advertising on this platform is for the most part free. So. if you are looking into how to promote your business online for free, you just found it, champ!

10. MerchantCircle

MerchantCircle is a free network with a focus on connecting small business to both potential customers and other small businesses within a given locality. It’s pretty flexible too, as you can write and post business blogs, advertise to your heart’s content and employ the impressive number of free and effective marketing tools present there in building up the visibility of your business. Overall, it’s easily one of the best online advertising sites for small businesses.

While the above list is by no means exhaustive it does list the best of the best websites that will help you promote your business to the world. Use them well, patiently grow with them and prosper!