Best Websites to Buy Books

Reading books help you to improve your knowledge and spend your time wisely. But purchasing them is a difficult process. The online stores may not contain all the books that you needed or they simply try to rip you off by overpricing them. That’s why we have incorporated the top 10 list of the best websites to purchase books. If you are someone planning to buy books, you should have a look at this list of the best websites to buy books at affordable rates.

1. Book Depository

Book depository is a collection of hundreds of thousands of books in various categories. You can browse through their huge collection to find your favorites. The options to filter the books based on its title or keywords make it easier for you to find the exact book that you are looking for much faster. The prices are extremely low, the quality of the books seems to be good, and the website provides almost every kind of book that you may need. Everything you need to purchase a book online.

2. AbeBooks

AbeBooks is yet another great choice for purchasing your favorite books online. Using the filter system available on the homepage, you can filter the books by its author, title, keyword, or ISBN. A huge collection of books from various categories makes it extremely easy for users to find the perfect one they are looking for. The website also allows sellers to sign up to list their books. So if you are an author, you can also use this website to list your creations.

3. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is another huge collection of books. You can either purchase the books in physical format or simply download them as eBooks. The website contains so many new releases, and coming soon editions of the books which you can choose from. There are also special signed editions of certain books exclusively sold on the website. You cannot purchase them on any other book websites listed here. The pricing of the books also seems to be cheap. You can choose your favorite book from 5 million physical and 3.6 million eBooks listed on Barnes & Noble.

4. Booktopia

Booktopia is the next best choice for buying books in several categories. Fiction, non-fiction, children, Australian stories, education, academic, almost any kind of books can be found on this website. They also conduct occasional sales with huge discounts of up to 80%. You can get the desired books with big discounts from Booktopia. The website is based in Australia, so the people there will find it much easier to get the books shipped to the address much faster. So if you are an Australian, you can give a try to Booktopia.

5. Thrift Books

Thrift Books is home to several best sellers and trending creations. Millions of books are listed on this website in different categories and genres. According to the website, they have more than 30 million books that you can choose from. You may also purchase used books that will be sold at a discounted price from the original. They also provide free shipping and 100% recyclable packaging. They have sold over 160 million books so far which is more than enough to trust them to get your favorite titles.

6. Books A Million

As the name itself suggests, Books A Million is a website with millions of books in different categories. They also sell Toys, Games, Puzzles, and Manga. You can find some really interesting titles on this website which you cannot on several on this list. The pricing is not that cheap compared to others, however, the quality of the books is extremely good on Books A Million. So if your primary focus is the quality and not the cheapness of the books, this will be the perfect website to go for. They also have a lot of toys and collectibles for the kids to play with.

7. Better World Books

Books make the world a better place to live in. It spreads knowledge, educates people to be better. That’s the focus of Better World Books by providing thousands of favorite titles to people all over the globe. They ship worldwide making it possible for anyone to get their favorite books from any part of the world. They have donated around 30 million books so far, and over 30 million dollars raised for literacy and libraries. They also recycle books that are no longer in demand.

8. Amazon Books

Amazon is no doubt, one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. Looking at their history, they have started by just selling books which makes them one of the best places to get it from. Amazon contains millions of books from different authors in categories such as arts and photography, biographies and memories, business and investing, cookbooks, children’s books, history, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, etc. When compared to any other store on this list, the pricing of the books is extremely cheap on Amazon. However, it does not contain certain titles that are exclusive to other stores on this list. Because the primary focus of those websites is selling books rather than an eCommerce platform as a whole.

9. Alibris

Alibris is a website that sells books, music, and movies. They have a collection of over 70 million books, movies, and albums from thousands of authors and creators. They may not be the biggest booksellers in this list, however, the quality of the books and their selection of the favorites is appreciable. They have a wide variety of books, music, and movies to choose from, all with good quality and demand. So if you do not like any of the websites listed above, Alibris is the next best choice you have.

10. Biblio

Last but not least, Biblio sells some rare books that are missing from many other websites on this list. The website seems to be primarily focused on fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books that contain a wide variety of themes. It isn’t a huge collection of books. However, still manage to provide a pretty variety of books in different categories. You can also search using the author, title, keywords, or ISBN to find the books that you’re looking for much quicker.