Best Websites to Find Jobs

Finding a Job is not that easy. Sometimes, the job seekers will feel it is nearly impossible. But with the help of the right websites, you can easily find a job that suits you. Searching jobs online doesn’t mean that you can only find some online jobs. There are websites which can even provide you a job in your own city.

I will quickly explain how such websites work. The hiring personnel or companies will post their jobs on such websites. The job seekers will visit those websites and find the job that suits them. That’s it, the company got an employee, and you got your dream job. Most of such intermediate websites will ask you for a fee. It is a point that shows the website is trustworthy. Most of the job websites (not all of them) which offer you job placements for free will be fraud. So, you should be careful with such websites.

If you need some help with finding the best websites to look for jobs, we can help you. We have a nice list of such trusted websites where you can find your dream job. So, here is the list of the best websites to find jobs.

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a job website that allows users to upload a resume and the suitable jobs find them. All you have to do is visiting their website, uploading the resume by including the necessary details (I recommend to read their guidelines). The suitable jobs will be listed on the website based on your resume. This way, you can find the most suitable jobs for you. The job selection is the most important part. Be sure to choose the best company by analyzing their reviews and other such factors.

2. TheLadders

With over 20,0000 active recruiters, Ladders is among the best websites to find Jobs. If you have the ability to show your skills and have a fairly well resume, it is very easy to find a job on Ladders and get hired. There are over 225,000 jobs waiting for you on Ladders all on different categories. You can browse through them to reach your dream job and apply for it. You can find some examples of the jobs available on Ladders on their homepage itself. So, don’t wait, go and find your perfect job that fits you.

3. Indeed

Indeed is a job search website just like the above websites. Different from them, it is very easy to find jobs in Indeed. All you have to do is searching the job in the search box by inputting the desired location. All available jobs will be listed there. It acts like a search engine which will list the results from other websites. But don’t worry, all the results will be related to jobs only. So, you will not end up in ordering pizza when searching for a job. Indeed is indeed a good website to get some job.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform focused to provide professional identity to the users. Numerous companies and individuals hire people from LinkedIn just by looking at their profile (after checking if it is legit.) So, if you have a legit set of qualification which some other LinkedIn users (companies) are looking for, they might get in touch with you and discuss the job further. So, just signup for a LinkedIn account, fill your bio with all the information provided as much as possible and wait for somebody to contact you. At the same time, try for other jobs as well.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a professional website which you can use to search, browse, and find jobs in your area. Numerous big brands list their vacancies on this website. You can find the best fit for you and apply for the position. If your qualification meets their requirements, you might probably end up getting an amazing job with high salary packages. It has a big database of company reviews which might be helpful in finding the most suitable company to apply. Nevertheless to say that avoid applying for jobs in companies with a lot of (I mean a lot) negative reviews.


Dice is a big name in the job search industry. Many big brands like Dell, Cisco, eBay, etc. post the company vacancies on Dice. So, if your resume is capable of competing and winning with other job applicants, you will get an amazing job with a great salary package. Dice is a perfect example of a job search website where you can get real and legit jobs with good salary. The process is very simple, and most of the companies listed here are legit and verified. However, I suggest looking for the company reviews (unknown companies) to apply for the best job.

7. Monster

Monster, as the name itself implies, is a monster in the job finding industry. Many big brands like Infosys, Orion, Infinite trust Monster to find perfect employees for their company. So, if you want to fill that slot, you can apply by joining this website. Like most of the websites to look for a job, Monster also provides a location-based job search which will be helpful in finding the nearest job vacancies. Monster has a pretty big database of the jobs that fit every user.

8. Google for Jobs

Google was always an innovation company, and they are still. Recently, they unveiled a job search platform just like any other job listing site in this article. You can find various job opportunities in your area by just inputting the job title and your area. If you would like to filter the results further, there are the options like Roles and Division of the job. Google for Jobs was tested by our professionals and seems to be listing only legit job opportunities. So, you can continue trusting Google, this time to find a job.

9. Simply Hired

The list of companies which use the Simply Hired to find employees is breath-taking. The companies like, The Home Depot, UPS, PepsiCo, FedEx, Bank Of America, etc. are listing their job posts in Simply Hired. If you want to get into any of these big brands and your resume is capable of providing you with the opportunity, you should give a try to the Simply Hired. The website also provides some additional tools like Salary Estimator which allows calculating the salary. Interesting isn’t it?

10. Idealist

Idealist is yet another job search engine to find appropriate jobs for anyone. It lists thousands of legit jobs including all its details like salary, placement, requirements, qualification, etc. Idealist also have a pretty big database of the available jobs which you can choose from. If you don;t like any of the above websites for finding jobs, you should probably go with the Idealist.