Best Websites to Hire Employees

Hiring employees online will make it much easier and cost-effective getting workers for your business. There are several websites that provide an opportunity for business owners to hire people who need a job. Just like we mentioned in the article about the websites to find jobs, there are several websites to find employees as well. You can go through the people listed on such websites and find the perfect one matching your criteria. Without further due, here are some of the best websites that you can use to get some people to work for you online or offline.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is the most popular and the biggest directory of employees and jobs. The website has a huge collection of jobs posted by people in different categories and the employees who are looking to be hired. No matter what type of business you are running, you will always find the perfect match on Glassdoor. You can also advertise on the website to easily get more exposure for your job posting. If the competition is too high for the specific category that you are looking for, you may go with the advertisement options available on Glassdoor.

2. Monster

Monster is the choice of the biggest companies to hire their employees. The brands such as Wipro, TATA, Datamatics, ASG, etc. post jobs on Monster for different vacancies. The advanced filter system available on Monster will make it easier for you to easily find the employees in a specific category that you are interested in. Thousands of employees from different parts of the world will be more than enough for you to find the perfect match for hiring them.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest websites on the internet which is basically a classifieds site where you can post jobs, listings, offers, properties, etc. and hire employees. It may not be a good-looking website, but has a position of 153 in the global website rankings by Alexa. Craigslist has millions of listings in different categories. So it will be easy for you to get an employee to work for you whatever type of business you are running. It might be a bit difficult to navigate to through out the specific sections of the website usually because of the large size. But when you get used to it, it is just bread and butter thing.

4. Google Careers

Google careers is yet another great place to find the jobs very easily. That means, as an employer, it will be easier for you as well to find people who are looking for jobs. You can just visit the website and search for the people by posting a job description. Interested people will reach you out based on the qualification and requirements you have set during the job posting. Compared to many other websites in this list, Google Carriers works way better because of the ease in the use and the ability of Google to show them in the search results itself when someone input a query related to finding jobs.

5. Indeed

If you are living in India, the best website for you to find the employees will be Indeed. You can simply post a job on indeed after signing up and wait for the interested people to reach you out. As simple as that. You do not have to go through any verification on the website. No matter what type of company you are running or which kind of employee you are looking for. You can note down everything in the job description so that the qualified people will find you in the job search results and reach you out.

6. Jora

Jora is a website that lists over 300K jobs all around the globe. Jora partners with the job boards all around the globe making it easier for people to find the jobs and for those who need employees to find them as well. No matter which part of the world you are residing in, the website covers jobs from almost all countries. So if you are looking for employees from a certain location, it will be easier for you to filter out those results, or give reference to them.

7. Angel List

Angel List is the world’s largest startup community. They also list more than 100K jobs on their website. So if you are running a Startup, Angel list will be the best place for you to find the most suitable applicants. You can just sign up for the website, and post your jobs. People will start applying for the job if they meet your requirements. Angel List is used by the popular companies such as Twitch, Stripe, etc. to find employees for their business. So you can definitely trust them as a place for finding qualified people for your startup.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a huge network of people who are looking for jobs and those who want people to work for them. You can sign up for LinkedIn to easily connect with people all over the globe, check their profiles to find out the previous work experience, qualification etc., and hire them by discussing the responsibilities and salary. LinkedIn is one of the quickest ways to reach people and connect with them. It can be considered as a social media for employees and the employers.

9. Handshake

Handshake is the best way for the college students to get hired easily. That means, if you are an employer looking for interns and students who just graduated from their colleges, you can make use of Handshake to get people work for you. They also provide features such as attending virtual recruiting events which will make it way easier interviewing the candidates. Top brands such as IBM make use of Handshake to find interns.

10. Ladders

Last but not least, Ladders is another job posting platform where you can find the employees for your company. It is a huge database of employees and jobs. You can just browse through them and find the perfect match for your business. There are already 25000+ employers looking for employees on this website. So you can be also one of them searching resumes uploaded on the site.