Best Websites to Keep up with Technology

The great thing about technology is that it’s ever-evolving; the bad thing about technology is that its ever-evolving! Thus, familiar things get outdated rather quickly. Keeping up with the multifarious fruits of our collective and unceasing efforts to better ourselves, guarantee our future and generally make life sweeter can, therefore, get pretty much onerous. Luckily, there are a plethora of websites available where you can easily get the scoop on all the tech happenings you can think of. The best of these sites in no particular order are.

1. Arstechnica

There’s no way on God’s green earth that Ars Technica could fail to make any list of the best tech news websites where one can effortlessly keep abreast of new technology! The site has been around since the time of the dinosaurs -around two decades actually!- and is more respected and esteemed than most governments. Beloved by professionals, dabblers, hobbyists and the ordinary man on the street who likes keeping a steady thumb on happenings in the tech world, Ars Technica certainly ticks all the right boxes. There are reviews, strident editorials on a wide variety of tech and consumer-related subjects, news and the like to get excited about. And there’s even a forum where you can interact with readers from all over the globe and rub minds on a bewildering array of tech-related topics.

2. Techcrunch

Techcrunch is another heavy duty site with a special focus on tech startups, which therefore gives readers a sweet behind-the-scenes peek at the business side of the tech world. You can expect major product launches, mergers, acquisitions, stock sales and the like to be given a prominent role on the site. And did we mention Crunch Base? This contains a frankly startling amount of information on a bewildering array of tech companies and startups and also gives you an intimate look at how both your favorite brands and the early tech pioneers have evolved through the years.

3. TechRadar

TechRadar is definitely a top tech website worth bookmarking and is required reading if you want to stay current with technology trends. Like the rest of its brethren on this list, it contains the most up-to-date news, reviews, updates and whatever else you might be looking for in the tech scene. There’s phone, tablets and software reviews to catch up on, as well as all sorts of newfangled gizmos to drool over.

4. TheNextWeb

Being among the most visited and one of the best tech news websites out there, and offering sublime content that matches those of its peers, TheNextWeb is clearly deserving of top honors. It excels at gadget and app reviews and is a definite go-to site for gadget lovers and people who otherwise like keeping themselves in the loop. Want to know what the PlayStation 5 or the next iPhone might be capable of? Take a trip to this site as they will undoubtedly have a good idea.

5. Wired

Wired started off as a magazine, a rather engrossing one mind, till Conde Nast Publishing got their hands on it and made it what it is today. If you are looking for a highly entertaining read on the tech culture and such that’s un-littered by incomprehensible tech-talk and double-speak, then Wired is it. The site as well offers news updates, reviews, has opinion pieces and is even available in hard copy for those who like to do their reading the old-fashioned way. They even have a rather charming YouTube channel offering a way for you to learn quite a few things if reading is not your thing.

6. Recode

For some of the best and unbiased tech news on the globe, there’s few that can beat Recode. News apart, it also offers excellent reviews, analysis, and such other stuff. And if you do need a quick catching up on the top trending tech news stories you sure came to the right place.

7. Toms Hardware

Very popular with the DIY crowd, Tomshardware has been around for over two decades and in that time has been able to make a name for itself a the go-to site for people who get delirious over the prospect of either putting together or tinkering with things. Beloved by the PC gaming crowd for offering class-leading advice and education on how to assemble the most cost-efficient and yet rad gaming-optimized PC’s, it’s pretty much hard to beat. And as well is one of the best technology websites you can find.

8. MIT Technology Review

MIT clearly needs no introduction, being arguably the biggest and most magnificent school of science and tech on the globe. If you are looking to directly tap into the wisdom of the forward-looking and intellectually blessed individuals who are associated with the school, you can look up their Technology Review Blog. As you might expect, the contents are high-class, seminal, peer-leading and offer a fresh and wholly innovative look at both present and future tech you might not be able to find elsewhere.

9. Cnet

For some of the best and most comprehensive reviews ever, Cnet got your back. It does product and software reviews, has tons of excellent news and videos that are well worth getting caught up in and there’s even a “How To” section if you are among the DIY crowd. Overall, it’s quite an effective tech news website.

10. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is definitely for die-hard gadget lovers. Formed a little over a decade ago it brings under one roof all tech-related and gadget-obsessed information you can think of. Also, most of the content are actually created by readers. So, if you have an enduring passion for tech that you need to share with others, this site should rank really high on your list.

Keeping up with tech news and the like in these times has never been easier. Just explore all the options listed above, find out which sites best suit your needs and ride on to the next century like a boss! Incidentally, are there other sites you think should have made the list? Do let us know.