Best Websites to Learn Spanish

These days, your being bilingual or even multilingual has more benefits than you can shake a stick at. Thus, people who speak more than their native languages are reckoned to be smarter, more influential and better able to make it in today’s ever more convoluted world.

So, why not learn Spanish? Think of all those sexy Latina girls you will be able to chat up if you do, the great dishes you can arrogantly order like a native from the best restaurants when you vacation in Spain, and all those tear-inducing and unbearably romantic Telenovela movies you can watch without translation.

Also, learning Spanish is much easier now than it was in the past. And with an awesome number of websites available to guide you through the process you are bound to have a swell time. So, what’s stopping you? Get your act together and check out the best websites to learn Spanish online.

1. Fluencia

From the team behind SpanishDict comes Fluencia. It exists both as a website and app, has a very attractive outline and boasts a massive amount of content. It’s also simple and fool-proof to use, and delivers top-quality content that’s matched to user’s needs and which recognizes their limitations. A monthly fee is required for access but it’s well worth it in spades.

2. BBC Spanish Learning Website

While you can actually learn a babel-worth of languages on BBC, it’s Spanish teaching program is particularly top-notch and provides a peerless way to learn Spanish online for beginners and everyone else. The site is also free as the air, the programs are performed and made available interactively in a way that keeps users endlessly engaged, and the overall effect is quite entertaining. Things taught include single words, phrases you are most likely to use in normal conversations and even how to complete crossword puzzles. As well, the site has a drama “Mi Vida Loca” that’s worth giving your eye-teeth to watch.

3. Babbel

At Babbel, you can learn most of the popular languages on the globe. Registration is free and users are taught via multimedia. This involves endless reading and writing tasks, carefully listening to audiotapes, reading and more besides. As well, the site has a community of language lovers who can open a magical world of languages to you and really widen your horizons. Overall, it’s an excellent website from which to learn Spanish online free.

4. Study Spanish

At Study Spanish, the emphasis is on making you thoroughly seasoned in the language. With that aim in view, they have a multiplicity of courses/lessons that cater to the proficiency level of users and vary according to whether the language is being learned for formal use or for everyday conversations at say, the local bar. Thus, you can get schooled on conversational Spanish lessons, learn basic Spanish, and much more besides. They are also big on teaching the proper way of pronouncing Spanish words, the rules of grammar and such other important stuff. Overall, Study Spanish ticks all the right boxes and provides one of the best online Spanish courses you can think of.

The site is free to use and has a galaxy-worth of content for making you an expert speaker and exponent of the language. You are taken through 5 parts, namely: Grammar, Pronunciation, Verb drill, Vocabulary, Features& Resources. Each is of course loaded down to the gills with all sorts of audio-visual content that refine your understanding, use, and perception of the language. By the time you have gone through all five stages, your Spanish is going to be as perfect as possible!

5. Duolingo

There are few other sites out there that really encourage you to put in 100% or insists that you have lots of funky fun while learning the language as does Duolingo. There, you can set goals, and it sure feels good when they get accomplished like a boss! As well, the goodies, sorry courses on offer will vary depending on how proficient in the language you are. And boy, the site sure is easy to use, not to mention being quite entertaining!

6. Cervantes

In the early years of the 1990s, the Instituto Cervantes was formed by the Spanish government with one goal in mind- showing the world the everlasting beauty of Spanish language and culture. Their website started operating back in 1997 and makes it possible to expertly learn the language. The courses on hand range from the basic to the super-intensive versions, and yes you do have to pay for all these. However, they are very comprehensive and at the end of each course, you are given a certificate you can either frame or use to impress employers with.

7. FluentU

Would you like to learn Spanish or practically any other language from the most popular music videos, documentaries, news, movie trailers and lots more out there? Then welcome to the world of FluentU. The site as well makes available a very personalized learning experience that’s minutely tailored to the capabilities of users. Along with its acknowledged mastery of the multimedia teaching experience, there are also relevant and regular blog posts to immerse yourself in and soak up all there is to know about languages.

8. Synergy Spanish

Yes we know, learning grammar and such can be a literal pain in the neck. So, if you are looking to get fluent in conversational Spanish in no time, then Synergy Spanish is for you. At Synergy Spanish, the only goal is teaching the proper way of employing 138 Spanish words and then forming these into a multitude of phrases you can use to converse and chat with pretty fluently in a day or so. However, Spanish writing skills are not taught here. But if you are looking for a crash course in the language that will help you get by, you can’t really do better than this.


At you are taught all there is to know about the Spanish language -or most other languages-, the history of its people, their culture, and in fact pretty much every other related thing. There’s also audio playback on hand to help ground you in the art of pronunciation, and to cap it off the whole experience is free. What more can you ask for!

10. TakeLessons Live

Last but not least, TakeLessons Live is yet another Spanish learning website for beginners to get started in the language. The website is not only dedicated to Spanish learning but has a huge variety of learning courses in different fields such as singing, music, as well as learning several other languages such as English.