Best Websites to Test Internet Speed

So you want to test your internet connection speed. Whether you are facing a slow connection issue, or just want to make sure that your ISP is providing the desired internet speed, testing the internet connection is the best way to go. In this article, we are going to list the best websites that you can depend on to test the speed of your internet connection. Using these websites you will be able to accurately measure your internet connection speed along with a bunch of other useful details such as the Ping time. Most of them will tell you both the download and upload speeds. Without further due, here are the best websites to test internet speed online.

1. Speed Test by OOKLA

Speedtest by OOKLA is the perfect tool to test your download and upload speeds alongside the Ping time. For most people, that’s almost all the information they need, to fix any of the issues related to their internet speed. You can just visit the website and start the test to find out the accurate measurement of the speed of your internet connection. You can also try changing the server location and the service providers to find out the speed in different locations all over the globe. The ads surrounded the speed test tool may be a problem for some people. Apart from that, it is the best tool to go for as long as accurate speed measurement is concerned.

2. is a simple but accurate tool provided by Netflix to measure the speed of your internet connection. At the first visit, it will only tell you the download speed. If you need more information such as the latency and upload speeds, you can simply click the “Show more info” button available on the screen. It will re-run the test and provide you with those details as well. If you do not want any ads while testing your internet connection, this is the perfect website to go for. Unlike many in this list, contains no ads and rocks a simple effective UI.

3. Xfinity

Xfinity is yet another website to accurately measure the internet connection speed. At the first test, just like, it will only tell you the download speed. If you also want to know the upload speed and the latency of your internet connection, you will have to click the more details section on the website. It will check the upload speed and latency also, and show the details on the screen. The accuracy of the results is pretty satisfying just like the above two. It will also tell you the ideal usage of your Internet connection and what things you can do on the internet without any interruptions such as browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, and streaming HD videos.

4. TestMy comes with 3 different modes of internet speed tests. You can either check the download speed and the upload speed or run an automatic speed test which will benchmark the internet connection bandwidth automatically. According to the website, it is the best way to test whether your internet service provider is delivering the exact same speed they promise to. The accuracy of the speed test the results are very good, and there are no other issues on the website.

5. Verizon

Being one of the global leaders in the communication industry, Verizon also provides an internet speed test tool for the people in the USA. The Verizon speed test is not available for the rest of the world. So if you are residing in the United States of America, you can make use of the Verizon Speed Test tool. It is recommended to use this if you are a Verizon subscriber. It will provide a much accurate result compared to other tools for the Verizon mobile or broadband users.


If you do not like any of the above-listed websites to check the speed of your internet connection, you can go with It is not the best website to check the speed of your connection, however, it can provide a pretty accurate a result. The speed test on this website runs pretty long compared to other websites on this list. Then measure the connection speed for quite a long time and find the average of those results to show you the download and upload speeds alongside the latency. The test server will be automatically selected based on your location.

7. Google

Google is not just a search engine. Along with several of their services, they also provide a speed test for your internet connection on their search engine itself. If you Google any terms related to the internet speed test, it will return a featured snippet that contains a Speed Test button which you can use to measure the speed of your connection. If you do not want to visit any website to accomplish the task, the best way to check the connection speed is by just Googling some terms related to internet speed test and clicking on the button provided.

8. Bing

Bing is another search engine that provide an internet speed test right on their search. Just like Google, if you search for some terms related to the speed test, Bing will also show you a box which you can use to test the speed of the internet. It does not contain any advanced tools or measurement. It will simply tell you the download and upload speeds of your internet connection which is more than enough in most of the cases. The accuracy of the results are also pretty good. So you can definitely depend on the Bing speed test as well.

9. Fusion

Fusion is not the most accurate tool in this list. However, if you do not like any of the tools listed above, you may also go with this simple website to find the download and upload speeds of the internet connection. The website also provides internet optimization services upon request. It also contains the result history of your recent speed tests. You can use that data to compare the changes in the connection speed between each test. It will be useful especially when diagnosing an unstable internet connection.

10. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place will provide you details such as the download and upload speeds, ping time, the server used to run the test, your IP address, and the internet service provider. You can also compare the difference between your results, to find any changes in the speed over time. They also provide a functionality to share the connection speed, if you want to flex your fast internet connection among the friends. Last but not least, another reliable internet speed test tool online.