Best Websites for Photographers

Photography is one of the most interesting hobbies of today. However, it requires great patience, feeling and of course camera. Our topic today isn’t digital cameras, but websites for photographers. These websites serve as a tool for uploading pictures of almost any topic out there. You can take photos of animals, nature, cars and much more, and if you have a great sense for photography, you can easily earn money by selling your work online. All of this is great but requires an initial investment in gear. But let’s cut it short, and take a look at the best websites for photographers.

1. DIY Photography

DIY Photography is, in our opinion, one of the best and the most informative websites when it comes to photography. It offers a fair amount of information on photography itself, but also on the various news. Tutorials are also available here and they can help you take better photos, or even make them better using various software like Photoshop. All of these tutorials are located here. You can also read reviews of cameras here, whether it’s a digital camera or a smartphone camera. All in all, this website is somewhat like a blog, but nevertheless a great one, for photographers.

2. iPhone Photography School

iPhone Photography School is dedicated to iPhone cameras and ways to make them better. Of course, you can’t make camera itself better, but with the help of this website, you can learn more about its feature and how to best utilize what you got. You can log in to this website and post your photos, where the other users can see them, which is great if you want to establish yourself as a photographer. Various tutorials are also available, along with some tips for better capturing a photo. A highly recommended website for iPhone users.

3. Digital Photography Review

Are you a photographer who wants to buy a new lens, camera, phone or printer? Well, you’ve come to the right place- Digital Photography Review. As its name says, this website aims to review some of the key components for photography. There are lens, camera, phone, and printer reviews from all around the globe, as well as buying a guide, to help you choose the best offer for yourself. If you log in, you can even upload images to your gallery and see other galleries.

4. PhotoNotes

PhotoNotes is a very simple, yet effective website. What this website does, is…well, create photo notes for you! You can choose some of the photos uploaded there and make photo note, where you can write whatever you want under the photo, chose various fonts or edit the pre-existing photo. You can also upload your own picture and have your original photo note. What do you want to create is your choice, and possibilities are endless with PhotoNotes.

5. Picture Perfect

No, we aren’t talking about 1997 movie by the same name, but a website. This website is far more simple than the fourth on our list. It has some of the finest selection of photos which appear on the homepage of the website. When one photo appears, you just click on it and see the next photo. It’s that simple. However, the limitation of Picture Perfect is that this is the only function, so it may serve only as an inspiration to photographers.

6. Photography

This website boasts all that you need to know about photography. It serves mainly as an informative website, where you can learn more about lenses and cameras for example, or learn how to take better photos. It’s somewhat similar to the first couple of websites on this list, which can only be good. It has a simple homepage where you can immediately see those topics and read them, which is old-school and we love it. If you like colorful and simple interface, don’t miss this website.

7. Photography Week

Photography Week is a simple digital photo magazine. In fact, it’s a hell of a magazine! Here, you can find all of the actual topics and latest news, as well as the old news or topics. There is an option for choosing whether you want random topics or archive topics. Random topics will display topics randomly chosen by the website, and archive topics will let you read various topics and news from the archives. If you are interested in this magazine, you can also read it on iOS and Android.

8. Digital Photography School

If you are a newbie to photography, this is a great place to start. First, you want to learn how to take best photos- no problem! With various photo tips and tutorials from this website, you’ll learn this in a matter of days. Digital Photography School also has a colorful and beautifully-arranged website, which is easy to use and find what you need isn’t a problem. There are also some courses which you can buy for a cheap price, that will help you in your photography career. If you decide to learn about photography, we wish you a good luck!

9. Strobist

Another website that is focused on learning the future photographers how to utilize their cameras. Actually, this is a blog spot website with some of the most interesting topics out there, which are sometimes concerned about far more than photography. Here you can find “how to” articles as well as some reviews about photography gear, ideal if you want to learn about it or buy a new piece of hardware.

10. Foto8

Photojournalism was never this interesting with Foto8. What is interesting about this website is its content. It has some of the best photo stories out there, and if you decide for “Blog” section of the website, you’ll read some of the best-written stories on a photography website and some cool videos along the way. Here, you will not find only pictures of nature but some disturbing pictures with interesting backstories about them. While this website doesn’t post much about photography gear, it’s very interesting to explore, even for those who aren’t into photography.