Best Websites by Alexa Rank

A good Alexa rank is something very important for a website. Even if it doesn’t have any direct impact on search engine ranking of a website, it does tell how trustworthy a website is or how much traffic a website gets. Most of the advertisers look forward to the Alexa rank along other metrics to decide the fee that should be paid to the website owner to get their product advertised. So, having a good Alexa rank will surely increase the trust of your website at least in the eyes of the advertisers.

In this article, we are going to list the websites with the best Alexa ranks. We are not talking about those websites with 100K Alexa, but those giants which dominate the top positions. So, without any further due, here are the 10 best websites by Alexa rank.

1. Google

Google, no doubt, has millions of traffic. So, there is no question why it is listed as the best Alexa ranked website. Google has been dominating the top position for a long time, and it still continues. As we all know, it is probably not possible to beat the traffic that Google gets from its search engines. Other services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, adds to this number which makes the search engine giant’s Alexa rank even more solid. So, anyone will probably not able to bring Google down in the Alexa rank even a single number.

2. YouTube

YouTube, the second largest search engine, and the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Owned by Google, YouTube is serving a huge amount of visitors every day. If you don’t believe that YouTube gets that many hits to be ranked second in the Alexa ranking, just get on the road and find who doesn’t know YouTube and never visited it. So, the first two positions are owned by the Google and its child company. So, the rest is reserved for other big brands.

3. Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. Being the most popular social media website, Facebook serves more than a Billion users worldwide. With no additional services or websites, Facebook still holds the 3rd position in the Alexa ranking. Nearly the same number of users who use Google and its services utilize the Facebook as well. Like the Google and YouTube, it is hard to find someone who is not on the Facebook. Apart from that, the engagement of the users on Facebook is very high when compared to any others in this list which also adds to this Alexa ranking.

4. Baidu

Baidu is another popular search engine. It is on the 4th place in Alexa ranking. With millions of searches each and every day, Baidu has been serving the users for over a decade. This Chinese search engine gets most of its users from the home country. In China, it is even being used more than the most popular Google. Taking the population of China (which is around 1/7 of the whole world), there is no wonder such a Chinese search engine got into the 4th position in Alexa.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is probably the largest encyclopedia on the internet. If you search almost anything on the internet, you will probably find a Wikipedia link in the search results. As it is a publicly editable website, thousands of new pages about new topics are being added to the website. It means, in the near future, it will contain the information regarding almost anything in this world. As dedicated editors and moderators keep the website clean and information correct, Wikipedia still is a great resource for knowledge, which is in the 5th position in global Alexa ranking.

6. Yahoo

Yahoo, once the best search engine, is in the 6th position. The search engine was recently acquired by Verizon, and they keep improving the service to be the best again. Even though Google has around 75% of the overall search share in the entire internet, Yahoo still owns millions of searches each and every day. The services like Yahoo news and its articles adds to the content which is enough to obtain an excellent Alexa ranking. Yahoo’s Alexa ranking was fluctuating a lot in the past few years, and now, it seems to be stable.


The third Google product on this list, or the Google India search engine rank on the 7th position in Alexa. It is actually the search engine for the Indians dedicated by Google. I still wonder, how a website mostly used in a single country can be in such a great Alexa position. But after having a look at the population of India, it is quite believable. By default, whenever someone tries to search something on Google, the results will be served from the Indian version of the Google.

8. Reddit

Reddit is an old website founded back in 2005. It is basically a social media platform where you can also share your thoughts, links, etc. If you even visited Reddit, you can see that thousands of news and content is being added to each and every subreddit. When combining all these subreddits, it will be a big number. That much visitors are engaged on Reddit and sharing their thoughts. That’s why the Amazon company, Alexa put them in the 8th position in Alexa ranking.

9. QQ

QQ is a Chinese search engine just like Baidu. This is the second Chinese dominance in this list. There is no reason to explain why it is on this list. It is the huge population of China and the number of users who are using the internet. The website is served in the Chinese language which even makes it impossible for other countries to make use of it without translating. Still, it gets an enormous amount of traffic to be in the top 10 Alexa rank position. It’s kinda great.

10. Taobao

Taobao is a Chinese shopping website which is primarily focused on the Chinese market. This is the only shopping website which is in this best Alexa websites list. If you are residing in China and often shop online, you probably have visited this website at least once. Taobao has a quite big collection of products in almost all categories. In simple words, it is the Amazon of China.