Best Websites to Get Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like freebies? No one, right. Well, if you looking into how to get stuff online for free like you are Santa’s favorite nephew here’s how to go about it. You can begin by visiting a slew of websites that are dying to bless you with their products. They usually do this as a form of promotion and as an inducement for you to buy something from them in the future.

So, feel like getting ahold of some 100% free stuff that you can either daily spoil yourself with or perhaps gift to someone dear to you? Then take a good look below.

1. Free Samples.Org

As the name well makes clear the Free Samples Org site lets you access loads of free samples for such products as household cleaning tools, food, pet food, supplements and more. It also offers discounted coupons for use at a host of restaurants, grocery stores, companies and others. As well, everything on offer is updated daily to give you the most convenient access to the freebies at hand. Who could ask for anything more!

2. Swagbucks

On this site, you can earn points for your online activities like taking surveys, watching mostly advertising videos, shopping and such other things. Your points accumulate and count towards free gift cards to such heavyweight shopping sites as Walmart, Target, Walmart and others. Overall, it’s a really nice way to get free stuff online without paying.

3. Craiglist 

While it might have some yucky rep you can still get tons of free stuff on Craiglist. This is due to the Freecycling factor. The way it works out, quite a few people have many things they do not need but are forced to keep with them. Craiglist thus offers you a means of connecting with such individuals and hopefully getting blessed with the valuable goodies they have no use for. Such items range from furniture to electronics and everything else save for an alien spacecraft! As such, Craiglist is one of the better ways to get free electronics online, as well as a host of other very useful stuff.


Need to get your hands on free samples of most common household items or beauty products like a moisturizer? Or feel like sampling expensive goodies you cannot afford but have long got a beady eye on? Then welcome to This site makes it possible to cut down on your shopping bills and has lots of cool free stuff waiting for a new owner.

5. Yerdle

Yerdle touts itself as being a “people-powered” store. What this means for you is that on the site you are heavily encouraged to give away stuff you don’t need as a freecycling measure. Apart from de-cluttering your home, the more things you give free to people who need them the more credits that accrue to you at Yerdle. And with these credits, you can buy a lot of things you do need and love on Yerdle without having to use cold, hard cash. Thus, you are given a way to get free stuff without surveys or the like by just being more neighborly.

6. Bzzagent

Bzzagent is a Word Of Mouth site that you can join for free. You are then required to fill out a survey detailing your interests and the sort of goods you regularly use at home. With this pertinent info in hand, the folks at Bzzagent will then send you free samples of products to provide an honest review on. And if you had a fabulous experience using them be sure to let the whole world know about it by singing their praises on your social media handle or blog site. Needless to say, this is a great way to get your hands on a whole lot of freebies and just free stuff.

7. The Freecycle Network

With nine million members and counting worldwide, The Freecycle Network is certainly a serious organization well worth checking out. It’s aim is for its members to freely give and exchange items with each other. Thus, rather than members wastefully throwing away things that are no longer needed they are instead encouraged to find someone with a use for it. It’s also free to join and there are network moderators who keep a beady eye on all activities to make sure there are no hanky-panky on the part of members. Join today and you are bound to get totally free stuff with no strings attached.

8. Women Freebies

For the ladies, Women Freebies is your favorite fantasy come true! The site offers opportunities for the female folk to try out items for free before possibly committing themselves to buying it. There are free samples and coupons aplenty, as well as giveaways of other women-oriented products to be had. These range from cosmetics to footwear, candles and even vacations. Thus, if you are a lady you can on Women Freebies get loads of free stuff by mail, with no gimmicks or pressure to buy and so really live the good life.


Man shall not live by bread and gifts alone, remember! In that case, if you are on the lookout for a site that offers heavyweight discounts on drugs and other medication do pay a visit to Membership of the site is free and grants you a membership card. With the card in place, you can get your wallet hollering with joy by getting up to 80% discount in most pharmacies.

10. is an awesome survey site offering access to some of the biggest brands on the planet. Registering on the site is free and as on other sites, you get to earn gift cards and win prizes for completing surveys. Apart from surveys they also have a Test Products program. Through this program samples of products are sent to members to use. Days or weeks after they are asked to complete an online questionnaire detailing their experience with the given product. And by samples, we don’t mean those itty bitty ones you can barely use once before it finishes, but rather king-sized packs from such big brands as L’Oreal, Nivea, Maybelline and the like. Apart from cosmetics samples of things like toys, electronics, household items and more are also given out for free. This makes a top free samples website.

If you are looking for freebies the above websites offer them in abundance and can make every day look like Christmas! Any other website offering worthwhile freebies we don’t know about? Do let us know.