Best Websites to Learn Arabic

Arabic is one of the most popular languages the world over and is mostly spoken across large parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It is also the language of Islam and the 5th most spoken language on the globe. Learning Arabic is one of the best things you can do, as it exposes you to an astoundingly rich culture that stretches back centuries and enables you to better interact with and understand on a deeper level the uncountable multitude who speak the language.

Learning Arabic is not easy, however. Luckily there are quite a few websites that exist just to make the process as seamless and painless as possible. The best of these sites that provide excellent Arabic lessons are as follows:

1. Loecsen is a quite slick website that supports multi-language teaching and learning. And all for free no less, with Arabic, of course, being available. To learn Arabic free, just choose Arabic from the featured languages and see your quest to become an Arabic speaking expert start with a bang.

The Arabic lessons are taught by the usual audio-visual format and rather than by-the-book learning, you get schooled on the most likely words and phrases that Arabic people use in everyday conversation. You as the learner get to pick a word or phrase you want to get familiar with and then click on an audio playback of it that lets you know how to pronounce it perfectly.

At the end of every module, you can also take a quiz and evaluate how much of what you have learned stuck in your brain. If you are likely to be offline for a while or traversing somewhere off the beaten path, you can opt to download language lessons in either MP3 or PDF format. This latter service will, however, require a token payment. Overall, the site provides a smooth way for you to become fluent in Arabic in no time.

2. Busuu

Actually, Busuu is a really creative and innovative website that teaches a ton or so of languages, with Arabic being one of them. It utilizes the usual audio-visual approach, with lessons being structured to match the capabilities of each individual. There’s a basic, elementary and intermediate level, which inculcates progressively more intricate knowledge of the language. Once you’ve mastered this, you get to practice all that you have learned, by either getting to speak the language with a native Arabic speaker or honing your Arabic writing skills.

Before all this can take place you must, however, register to be a member. Luckily, membership, apart from getting you thoroughly schooled in the Arabic language and culture lets you make friends from all over the globe, earn points, set goals and much more. is thus one of the best Arabic learning resources you can find.

3. Salaam Arabic

If you are looking to get fluent in Arabic and quite a few other languages, there are fewer better ways to do that than by registering on Salaam Arabic. It has levels for beginners, and those at either an intermediate or advanced level and what is taught covers everything from Arabic words and phrases to the alphabet and numbers.

The lessons are also done via an audio-visual medium and in a way that makes the whole process fun and worth remembering. Register and you get to know all about how to properly describe people, greet them, and other important facets of social etiquette. And to cap it off, everything is free as air. Thereby making it one of the best Arabic teaching websites with the most fabulous online Arabic courses to be had.


For the road warriors or those who are about to make a quick trip to Arabic speaking lands, L-CEPS lets you learn the basics of the language as quickly as possible. You can thus arrive at your destination able to get by and passably interact with the people you meet, rather than looking like a lost fool. The site teaches Arabic words and phrases and supports audio playback functionality. Things taught include how to greet, count and the words for different types of foods and animals, how to make small-talk etc. Overall, it’s quite basic but does the job well.

5. MyEasyArabic

MyEasyArabic is a site where you can learn all the Arabic you want for free. The featured course has a quartet of modules, with each module teaching all about the basics of the Arabic language, the alphabets, and how to both read and write in the language. Like other sites on the list, the lessons are taught via the audio medium. As for writing, it provides facilities for enabling you to practice and develop your Arabic writing skills and has other Arabic learning resources that you need to be a pro in the language.


Here, more than a hundred languages are taught for free to anyone and everyone with an interest in learning them. Arabic is of course supported. The Arabic language course sports a total of five modules such as Phrases, Grammar, Vocabulary, Flashcards and Quizzes. Overall, this site is a heavy-hitting powerhouse and contains all the tools you need to be easily proficient in the language.

7. Arabic-Keyboard

For teaching all that is to know about Arabic, its history, areas where it is spoken and other such stuff, few sites do it better than Here, the oft-confusing Arabic grammar and its sentence structure are additionally cleverly explained in a way that practically anyone can understand. Also taught is the proper way of pronouncing and writing Arabic and included is a tool for translating English to Arabic. Fun educational games are additionally featured, that lets you learn while having scandalous amounts of fun. The latter is also downloadable for offline use.

8. SearchTruth

If you fancy reading the Koran online, then you should take a peek at The Muslim holy book is available there in over eight languages and is bound to enrich your life. The site also offers free Arabic lessons that teach the alphabets, grammar, counting and the most used phrases. The lessons are all audio-focused and enables you to know the precise way of pronouncing what you are being taught.

9. Alison

Alison is a website where you can learn great Arabic for free. It’s video-focused and has a couple of modules, with each module having different topics and content. The emphasis of this site seems to be on keeping things as simple as possible and there’s even a progress bar to let you know how better you are getting in the language. At the end of each lesson you are given an assessment test to show what you have learned so far. Overall, the site is a great way to learn both the Arabic language and grammar and is totally worth visiting.

10. ArabicReadingCourse

ArabicReadingCourse teaches the Arabic alphabets and little else. At the beginning of each course, the basic facts about the language are taught. Next is a course of 13 lessons on the Arabic alphabets. Since these courses are all audio-based, you get to learn the correct pronunciation. At the end of every lesson, tests are given to let you gauge your understanding and grasp of the language. Overall, the site does its job well but unspectacularly and provides a lot of Arabic learning materials you would do well to explore.