Best Websites for Recipes

There’s nothing much on this galaxy that’s better than slipping a tasty, well-cooked morsel into your mouth and deliriously chewing away. In that moment, your senses can get inundated with so much flavor and sweetness that you can practically swear that you saw the Cherubim and Seraph in all their glory! Yes, eating is one of the best pleasures known to man. But it can get boring now and then. The solution is, of course, to look for newer, better, more exotic and fanciful ways of cooking both new and old dishes.

Now, you can waste your time on Google frantically searching for the best recipes out there. Or you can read on and find out the best recipe sites that host the most earth-shaking recipes that will assuredly make all who eat your food fervently swear that their senses flew up to cloud nine! Well, are your taste buds ready? OK. Here goes.

1. Epicurious

Epicurious boasts of having at least 100, 000 recipes. While a few might be mediocre, quite a lot are precisely the sweet stuff that orgasmic dreams are made of! The site is widely regarded as the best recipe and cooking website in the US and for good reason, as many a taste bud would joyously testify. Epicurious happens to avidly collect recipes from such finger-licking heavyweights as the Bon Appetit magazines, top chefs and the like. Also on hand is a forum where users can upload recipes they swear by. Copy these recipes all you like and get your chewing adventure underway!

2. BBC

Apart from blaring breaking news into your home 24/7, the BBC additionally has a top rated food recipe site that’s well worth fighting a dragon one-handed to check out. Like most things you might associate with the BBC, their food site is an expertly designed masterpiece that nearly looks good enough for one to think about licking it to bits in appreciation. The recipes on offer range from those even a blind simpleton could whip up, to more intricate affairs that might take you the better part of the day to create. If you are feeling all proud you can also submit your favorite recipe. Or alternatively, check out those that were submitted by others.

3. AllRecipes

AllRecipes has a huge following on Facebook and other social media and regularly makes the list of the top 10 cooking websites on the galaxy. For the most part, it makes homely and filling meals its priority. Thus, there are cakes, pasta, pancake recipes aplenty. There’s also a lifetime worth of user-submitted recipes available. These can range from the sweet to the bizarre, but most are totally worth checking out. However, do bear in mind that the more reviews a recipe has, the better the probability that others think it’s the best thing invented since sliced bread. And that, of course, makes it something you should spend time concocting in your kitchen.

4. Food Network

If you are a foodie, you must have heard of the Food Network, which like the name suggests focuses its broadcasts on the art of cooking. Now, they have a spin-off site where you can go to check out the endless varieties of recipes on offer. These are nearly as diverse as the stars in the galaxy, promise and usually deliver the equivalent of a gastronomical orgasm and help in making the Food Network one of the best cooking recipes sites you can find.

5. Food 52

Where else do the most fervent cooks and foodies gather to meet and greet, boast and preen and tout the planet-saving powers of their concoctions if not on Food 52. It’s one of the most popular cooking websites available, hosts the biggest collection of food-obsessed individuals on the globe and boasts a truly wondrous user community that is forever ardently perfecting and re-perfecting all manner of recipes for practically any conceivable dish. It’s as well loaded with lots of pictures of sumptuous looking dishes waiting for you to come drool over them.

6. 101 Cookbooks

Presiding over this site is the ever-charming Heidi Swanson, who incidentally is a James Beard cookbook author winner. The recipes on offer are the effortlessly simple stuff you could whip up blindfolded while simultaneously skipping rope in the kitchen. It’s also focused on the making of healthy, wholesome and yet delish meals, rather than the artery-shredding junk that’s the order of the day. Feeling like cooking up a storm? Just search the provided recipe index for the best recipes of all time that’s bound to get the neighbors wistfully and rabidly licking their lips!

7. (Discontinued)

The iChef site is easily one of the best free recipe sites you can find and is as well loaded with thousands of useful recipes, apart from being effortless to navigate. There’s also a search box to enable you to find specific dishes you have a mind to try out shortly. What it lacks in eye-popping pictures it makes up for with the detail it puts into each recipe. Included are the ingredients, cooking time, and even its rating by other chefs. Immersing yourself in the site is thus an excellent way of polishing up your cooking skills and treating the palate to a lip-smackingly good time.

8. Yummly

Yummy sports recipes in the tasty thousands, which are contributed by users of the site. Also present is a rather vibrant community of food lovers and cooks who are endlessly ready to give you valuable advice on making the most perfect dish possible. Be assured that whatever you might want to cook and however you want to cook it that Yummly has all the delish and positively yummy answers you need.

9. Geniuskitchen

Genius kitchen is all about food, in exquisitely luscious detail too. It has recipes aplenty, covering all categories of food, most of which are submitted by the users themselves. Also available is a search function where you can embark on new culinary adventures by searching for recipes to make mind-altering food. Overall, it’s surely one of the best cooking sites currently taking up space on the web.

10. Delish

You can sign up on Delish to get food news and the like. Also, if you like you like recipes for making your cooking as simple and easy as possible then the site is totally worth bookmarking.

So, with all the marvelous recipe sites listed above there’s no reason not to expect your food to get awesome in a  hurry. Check out the sites that appeal to your fancy and get to cooking!